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            The CARILEC Renewable Energy Community (CAREC)
            2.0 platform was launched in May, 2018. CAREC is an
            online learning community for energy professionals in the
            Caribbean, Latin America, and the rest of the world which
            allows members to connect and collaborate through
            sharing experiences and best-practices in low-carbon
            technology implementation. It was first launched on June
            29th, 2016 through a partnership between CARILEC and
            the Rocky Mountain Institute –Carbon War Room and the
            Clinton Climate Initiative with additional support from the
            International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), and
            now has over eleven hundred (1,100) energy
            professionals from around the world.  It is a valuable
            resource to utilities implementing various technologies for   combating the impacts of climate change remains a
            the first time or coordinating resources and best practices   critical  challenge  and  the  issues  surrounding  waste  to
            in disaster recovery.                               energy and key considerations for investors.

            CAREC’s  learning  agenda  focuses  on  building  energy   Safety as a corporate strategy, key elements of safety
            independence and resilience to ensure that Caribbean   excellence and related tools, equipment and materials are
            countries and other island regions  can  more  readily   thoroughly discussed with respect to opportunities for
            transition to low-carbon technology and plan for potential   electric utility and contractor operations personnel to
            natural  disasters  that  may  challenge  their  infrastructure.   effectively and safely meet challenging maintenance and
            The cloud-based platform facilitates members on     system performance requirements.  We are pleased to
            professional development, knowledge exchange and    note that the matter of electric vehicle (EV) adoption is
            capacity sharing. CAREC 2.0 features the CAREC Media   analyzed and recommendations on how EV penetration
            library which presents a searchable interface for community   can be managed, whilst maintaining the reliability and
            members to find technical documents, recorded webinars,   quality of the electricity grid in SIDS are clearly
            podcasts and photos of live training events.        articulated. Further, relevant processes to facilitate
                                                                smooth EV penetration in SIDS are also described.
            AND NOW…
                                                                This publication presents trends in solar pricing and
            This  30th Anniversary  Edition  of  the  CE  Journal  is  yet   implications for the Caribbean region and delves into the
            another conduit to advance knowledge sharing and    matter of financial and technical KPI’s of solar energy
            capacity building in the sector. The publication covers   installations installed at the household and commercial/
            several critical issues in the sector in a most insightful,   industrial levels. It is asserted that residential solar energy
            in-depth and enlightening manner. The topical issue of   penetration will continue to grow and the evaluation
            resilience is addressed from a definitional perspective and   results show that residential systems are performing as
            some of the key considerations and tradeoffs for building   expected.  There is also a close examination of wind
            greater resiliency in the energy sector in the region are   technologies and how economies of scale impact long-run
            outlined. The role of public policy and the legislative and   costs in operating a wind farm and competitiveness of
            regulatory framework for facilitating the greater adoption   utilizing taller turbines in energy auctions is examined.
            and diffusion of renewable energy is examined, as well as
            the pressing issue of financing for sustainable energy and   We trust that as you read and consider the information
                                                                presented in this special 30th Anniversary Edition of the
                                                                CE Journal, the objective of knowledge sharing and
                                                                capacity building would be advanced and we would be
                                                                one step closer to achieving the vision of facilitating the
                                                                development  of world  class  sustainable  electric  energy
                                                                solutions for all peoples of the Caribbean Region.

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