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Contents                                              3  Editorial Foreword

                                                                     30th Anniversary Edition
                                                                     Renewable Energy Development
                                                                  9  A New Era for Energy Utilities
                                                                     in the Caribbean:
                                                                     Benefits of Stable Policy and Regulation
                                                                 12  Resiliency and Redundancy in the
                                                                     Electricity Sector – At What Cost?
                                                                 16  Climate Change Financing:
                                                                     The Breakthrough for the Caribbean’s
                                                                     Sustainable Energy Transition?
                                                                20   Overcoming the Challenges of
                                                                     Integrating DER on Island Networks
                                                                24   The 9 Key Elements of Safety Excellence
                                                                27   How Does Lower Solar PV Pricing
                                                                     Impact the Caribbean?
                                                                29   Is There a Limit to the Reach of Turbines?
                                                                34   Framework for Renewable
                                                                     Waste-to-Energy (WtE)
                                                                37   Innovative New Live Line Tool
                                                                     and Framing Designs
                                                                43   Critical Facilities: Where Government
                                                                     & Utility Services Redefine Resilience
                                                                48   The Development of a Polychlorinated
                                                                     Biphenyl (PCB’s) Management System
                                                                     in Order to Protect the Environment
                                                                     and Human Health
                                                                 51  How Comprehensive Diesel Engine Analysis
                                                                     Improves Performance and Reliability
                                                                65   Considerations for Electric Vehicle Adoption
            CARILEC                                             70   in Small Island Developing States
                                                                     Assessment of the Performance of

            An Association of Electric Energy Solution Providers     Solar Energy Installations in Curaçao


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