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CARILEC Board of Directors

            THE POWER OF PARTNERSHIPS                           CONTINUOUS LEARNING

            The renewed values emanating from the Strategic Review   Technological advances in the industry (such as AMI
            exercise includes “collaboration” as the preeminent value   and Internet of Things) have brought changes to the way
            which now serves to guide the fulfillment of the vision,   power is served to consumers. Today’s customer also
            mission and strategic objectives of the organization. In   demands a higher quality of service, is digitally
            keeping with this commitment to collaboration  in the   connected,  and  more  sensitive  to  the  environment.  In
            development of relevant solutions and action in the   assisting to prepare Caribbean utilities for the new
            sector,  CARILEC has  developed  new and, in  some   environment, CARILEC trained, over the last five years,
            instances renewed, strategic alliances with organizations   approximately nine hundred (900) utility employees, in
            that have mutual interests or shared visions including:   about thirty-five (35) courses each year. The courses
            CARICOM Secretariat; Caribbean Disaster Emergency   cover diverse disciplines ranging from utility-specific
            Management Agency (CDEMA); Caribbean Association of   technical courses, skills development and management
            National Telecommunications Organizations (CANTO);   and leadership training. CARILEC also offered technical
            Edison Electric Institute (EEI); Clinton Foundation/Clinton   certifications, web-based training and linesman
            Climate Initiative, Women in Renewable Energy Network   training through linesman certification and its annual
            (WIRE), Rocky Mountain Institute and Carbon War Room   Linesman Symposium and Rodeo, a multi-day event
            (RMI-CWR), InCarib and various academic institutions.    with a series of training activities planned for building
            These partnerships are essential in building the relevant   capacity and sharpening expertise for the safe
            synergies for developing innovative solutions in the   execution of linesman work.
            Caribbean energy sector, based on sharing of
            experiences, knowledge and capacity.
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