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                                                       30th Anniversary Edition

                                                                                      - Cletus Kennedy Bertin, Ph.D.,
                                                                                      Executive Director of CARILEC


               Energy Sector Reform: Innovative utility             Energy Resilience: collective and coordinated
               business models and legislative and regulatory       regional efforts are geared towards the design,
               measures are emerging to facilitate and              development and deployment of resilient
               accelerate the transitioning and transformation of   solutions in the energy sector for which financing
               the electric energy sector.                          remains a significant challenge.

               Energy System Investments:  financing                Management of Change and Innovation:
               mechanisms that constitute a shift in the            capacity building in change management and
               traditional mix of energy investment instruments     innovation adoption and diffusion, in tandem
               are being developed to support the growth and        with strategic thinking, strategic planning and
               diversity of the regional energy supply and energy   strategy implementation is presently being
               related services.                                    addressed directly by  the CARILEC Secretariat
                                                                    across the electric utility sector.

               Collaboration: Increased collaboration among
               energy stakeholders in the Caribbean is              Artificial   intelligence    (AI),   fifth
               progressing and fueling the development of           generation wireless networks (5G),
               dynamic strategies and plans to generate             Blockchain technology and Cyber
               relevant solutions for the region’s energy issues.   Security are powerful potential game-changers,
                                                                    representing both opportunities and challenges
                                                                    for many industries, and have significant
                                                                    implications for the energy sector in the region.

                                                                                      CE  INDUSTRY Journal    03
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