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30 AND COUNTING…                                    PREPARE TO BE DISRUPTED
            REPOSITIONING & RENEWAL                             OR PREPARE TO DISRUPT…

            The Caribbean Electric Utility Services Corporation   Through the implementation of the CARILEC Strategic
            (CARILEC) was established in 1989 as an association of   Plan for 2018-2022, it is expected that the Association
            electric utilities operating in the electricity industry in the   will be able to assist its members to be part of the cadre
            Caribbean region, Central and South Americas and    of  “disrupters” and  innovators, as opposed to merely
            globally. The CARILEC Secretariat endeavors to improve   coping with and responding to the disruption. As stated
            communication among its members, providing technical   by Christensen: “disruptive innovation can hurt, if you
            information, training, capacity building, conferences and   are not the one doing the disrupting.”…and there are
            other industry related services; and plays a leading role   indeed significant disruptions brought about by a myriad
            in electric utility advocacy, growth and sustainability in   of factors: the escalating and devastating impacts of
            the Caribbean region, Central and South Americas. With   climate change with the increasing frequency and
            a progressive vision to continue to drive change and   intensity of weather systems; vulnerability to cyber and
            transformation in the electric energy industry, a   information security threats of various kinds; the rapid
            comprehensive strategic review exercise was embarked   pace of technological innovations; uncertainty in
            upon from 2017 and on the eve of the 30th anniversary   adjustments in energy demand and supply dynamics;
            of the Association, a bold and transformational Strategic   energy policies, legislative and regulatory reform in the
            Plan was launched for the five (5) year period,     sector and growing interest in electrification of transport
            2018-2022. This signaled a significant re-positioning of   in the region.
            the organization for an even greater level of engagement,
            service  delivery  and  value  to  our members  across the   CARILEC understands the importance of collaboration,
            industry and to more effectively facilitate the     research, shared learning, and networking in improving
            development  of  world class  sustainable electric  energy   utility operations and the development of the energy
            solutions for all peoples of the Caribbean Region.  sector, more generally. With the increasingly important
                                                                role of Independent Power Producers (IPPs), regulatory
            The new Strategic Plan was based on a fundamental   bodies and consumer groups, forums, publications and
            reexamination of the main tenants of the Association   partnerships are necessary to promote effective
            and resulted in a renewal of the Vision, Mission, Values   communication, development and dissemination of relevant
            and Bye Line, as well as the articulation of six strategic   solutions among stakeholders. In this regard, CARILEC
            objectives, and related initiatives, programmes and   regularly hosts utility symposiums and conferences for
            activities for the ensuing period of the Plan.      industry professionals and other stakeholders.

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