Page 9 - CARILEC CE Journal CENOV 2021
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Aerial view of Bermuda island

                   At BELCO, we are acutely aware that our electricity   retiring old engines; making internal practices and
                   costs are too high and financially burdensome for   efficiencies more sustainable; moving to an entirely
                   our customers. Our goal is to not only bring down   electric commercial fleet; upgrading our transmission
                   the price for energy but to massively reduce our   and distribution network and continuing to build
                   environmental  impact  and  carbon  footprint  by   upon what we learned when we brought our large-
                   phasing out the use of fossil fuels as we add more   scale Battery Energy Storage System online.
                   renewable  energy  sources  to  our  energy  mix.  I
                   am confident that with the highly qualified staff at   As we move toward achieving our goal of generating
                   BELCO, in partnership with our parent company, we   100% of our energy needs from renewable sources,
                   can achieve these ambitious goals.

                   Last year BELCO established the Bermuda-100 (“B-
                   100”)  team  –  a  team  dedicated  to  furthering  the
                   company’s alignment with Bermuda's goal to achieve   Last year BELCO established the
                   100% renewable energy for Bermuda. The B-100   Bermuda-100 (“B-100”) team –
                   team are doing critically important work exploring   a team dedicated to furthering
                   all renewable energy options available to provide   the company’s alignment with
                   reliable, cost-effective electricity for our customers.  Bermuda's goal to achieve 100%
                                                                  renewable energy for Bermuda.
                   While we analyse the options for economical, large-
                   scale, renewable power, we are laying the foundation
                   to  support  Bermuda's  transition,  which  includes

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