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Stratus IQ Electricity Meter

                 Editorial Foreword

                 ESTEEMED READERS,

                          ithin  recent  years,  the   guarantee  consistent  electricity
                          tropical hurricane season   supply and reduce intermittency
                 W in  the  Atlantic  and          during  natural  disaster  events  all   We hope that as you
                 Caribbean region has only intensified,   while  reducing  carbon  emissions.   engage in this issue
                 as each subsequent year continues   Coming off the cusps of the most   of the CE Journal,
                 to be the hottest on record. Tropical   recent global climate summit - the   your interests will be
                 storms have proven to cause more   COP26 - many world leaders have
                 damage  and  rainfall  patterns  have   once  again  pledged  their  support   awakened, and you will
                 shown significant changes within the   and  efforts  to  combat  the  rise  in   acquire an increased
                 dry and wet seasons which contribute   carbon  emissions  and  preventing   appreciation of the
                 to  a  domino  effect  of  increasing   any  rise  in  global  temperatures   Caribbean electric
                 numbers and severity of impacts.   above 1.5°C. It is without question   energy sector.
                    As fossil fuel prices also continue   that  the  Caribbean  region  has
                 to  rise,  utilities  across  the  region   not been exempt to the effects of
                 continue  to  battle  feverishly  with   these  rising  global  temperatures
                 these impacts and are actively looking   and  climate  change.  The  recent
                 for worthwhile solutions which will   impacts of heavy weather events

 Like a dedicated

 utility employee for

 every house.

                 have  caused  major  blows  and   to global emissions, the United States   THOMAS
 The Stratus IQ  meter from Sensus acts as your eyes and ears   financial damages to agriculture and   with nearly 24% and India with 7% .   MITSCHKE
 across your entire service area. And when boots on the ground  relevant infrastructure in many of the   Nonetheless, the grid emissions per   Energy Solutions Advisor
                 Caribbean islands, which increasingly   MWh of electricity of many Caribbean
  are needed, utility employees are empowered to tap into the                        CARILEC
                 burdens  the  local  economies  and   countries are still among the higher
 system for firsthand information to quickly address an issue—  public budgets.   ones  worldwide.  This  applies
 improving efficiency and safety.     Widespread concern in the region   particularly to those countries that
                 is focused on those emitters that in   do not possess a significant portion
                 absolute numbers contribute most   of traditional hydropower within
                 to  the  global  CO -emissions.  In  its   their  generation  mix.  Due  to  their
                 entirety, the Caribbean is responsible   high share of petrol-based fuels for
                 for less than 1% of global emissions,   power  generation,  Grid  Emission
                 compared  to  countries  like  China   Factors (GEF) here still range between
                 which contributes with around 26%   0.6  and  0.8  t  CO eq/MWh .   Only
 See your grid more clearly.  1 World Population Review – Carbon Footprint by Country  2 UNEP, 2015: Analysis of grid emission factors for the electricity sector in caribbean countries
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