Page 10 - CARILEC CE Journal CENOV 2021
P. 10

BELCO  already  has  renewable  energy  generation   The Government recently announced that it plans
               partners. These include the solar finger installation at   to  introduce  a  Bill  to  facilitate  renewable  energy
               the airport, residential and commercial roof top solar,   technology  developers  testing  their  products  in
               the Tynes Bay waste-to-energy facility and in future,   Bermuda.  As  an  industry  stakeholder  we  look
               any successful Regulatory Sandbox technologies.  forward  to  participating  in  consultation  on  this.
                                                              BELCO understands the need for renewable sandbox
               Working in partnership with these entities, and any   technologies, such as wave technology, to develop
               future renewable energy projects, will be critical as   and  demonstrate  their  viability  in  a  regulated
               BELCO continues to manage its electrical network   environment. It is critical that BELCO is involved as a
               that transports energy from its point of generation   stakeholder and included in conversations to build
               to the homes and businesses of our customers. This   a working relationship and ensure cohesive decision
               process happens under the transmission distribution   making  so  we  can  help  bring  these  technologies
               and  retail  (TD&R)  licence  issued  by  the  Bermuda   on-line in a manner that is safe, cost-effective and
               Regulatory Authority. The TD&R licence authorises   protects the reliability of electricity for the island.
               the holder to transmit, distribute and retail electricity
               as well as purchase electricity from bulk generation   There are many factors to be considered to ensure
               licensees and distributed generators.          energy generated by renewable sources is reliable.

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