Page 11 - CARILEC CE Journal CENOV 2021
P. 11

                        The Government recently
                       announced that it plans to
                       introduce a Bill to facilitate
                     renewable energy technology
                         developers testing their
                       products in Bermuda. As an
                      industry stakeholder we look
                        forward to participating in
                           consultation on this.
                                                                       Wayne  M.  Caines  was  born and raised in
                                                                       Bermuda. Wayne  graduated from  Oakwood
                                                                       University  in  1993,  with  a  Bachelor  of  Arts
                                                                       Degree in History and a Minor in Political
                   For example, if there is a sudden loss of output from   Science. He is also a graduate of the University
                   renewable generation, such as cloud cover over a    of Kent, School of Law and the Royal Military
                   solar farm, this electricity will need to be generated   Academy  Sandhurst  (RMAS) Territorial Army
                                                                       Commissioning course. He also served in the
                   from other sources. At this time, it means backup   Royal Bermuda Regiment rising to the Rank of
                   generators, run by traditional fuels, are necessary to   Captain.
                   ensure reliability, until utility scale storage becomes      Wayne was employed for 6 years as a Crown
                   available.                                          Counsel in the Bermuda Department of Public
                                                                       Prosecutions.  He was  then appointed to the
                   The  requirement  to  remain  reliable  was  clearly   position  of  Chief  of  Staff,  for  the  Premier  at
                   outlined  by  Home  Affairs  Minister  Walter  Roban   the time, the Honorable Ewart F. Brown JP MP.
                   when  he  recently  stated:  “To  be  clear,  in  no  way       In 2006  Wayne was  appointed as a
                   should Bermuda risk the stability of its grid, rated as   Senator for the Bermuda Government, with
                   one of the best in the Caribbean region.”           responsibilities  as the Junior Minister of
                                                                       Tourism & Transport, Environment and Sport
                                                                             Mr  Caines  was  Chief  Executive  Officer  for
                   We also recognise that sustainability is not limited   Digicel Bermuda from 2008- 2014. Mr Caines
                   to  the  environment;  our  focus  on  sustainability   was  then    he was employed as the CEO of
                   extends to social impact and governance. We believe   Seniac Consulting from 2014-2017.
                   to remain socially sustainable we must equip the       On July 2017, Wayne was elected  as the
                   leaders of tomorrow to advance beyond the leaders   Member of Parliament for Devonshire North
                   of  today.  By  providing  scholarships,  internships   West, where he served as Minister of National
                   and apprenticeships to young Bermudians, we are     Security; for the Government of Bermuda with
                   committed to empowering the next generation of      responsibility  for the  Bermuda  Fire Service,
                   engineers and energy professionals. We are proud    the Royal Bermuda  Regiment,  The Bermuda
                   to support multiple initiatives that fund education,   Police Service, the Department of Corrections
                   community  development  and  family  support,       and the Bermuda Department of Immigration
                   particularly for Bermuda’s youth and seniors.       from July 2017- July 2020.
                   Our team at BELCO looks forward to working with        Wayne sits on various boards, including
                                                                       CARILEC, Polaris Holding Company, ILS Capital
                   the  Regulatory  Authority,  the  Government  and   and Prospero Re.
                   existing  and  future  renewable  energy  providers.
                   We  will  only  be  successful  in  our  journey  to
                   generating  100%  renewable  energy  for  Bermuda
                   through partnerships, collaboration and community
                   engagement. We believe that together we can build
                   a safe, reliable, renewable and cost-effective energy
                   future for Bermuda.

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