The road to marketplace success starts with a clearly defined purpose, the effective management of people, strategy and execution, and the ability to leverage strategic partnership and networks. CARILEC’s 2022 schedule of world-class conferences and capacity building seminars maintain a focus on these critical elements for longevity, leadership and profitability to adequately equip companies pursuing growth opportunities and market expansion in the Caribbean, South & Central Americas utility markets.

Whatever your focus in the industry, our 2022 sponsorship package delivers your brand message and seeks to communicate its unique proposition – strategic positioning, access to market influencers, trendsetter brand alignment, business strategy coaching, lead and sales generation and valuable networking opportunities.
Sponsorship is a proven strategy to broaden your competitive edge through alignment with events that compel the attention of your target market. Explore the limitless opportunities available through sponsorship by signing up as a conference or seminar sponsor. Contact us to discuss best fit options.

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Sponsorship Packages 2022

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