CARILEC has been involved in several technical support activities that helps build its credibility in the electric utilities industry. Details of the principal activities are charted below.

Disaster Management

Disaster response is one of the many benefits afforded to members of CARILEC, a service which is opportune during times of major disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, flooding, and volcanic eruptions.

In keeping with CARILEC’s Disaster Assistance Programme (CDAP), member utilities make annual contributions to the CDAP Fund. The CARILEC Secretariat is charged with the coordination of all regional efforts to respond to such requests for assistance from disaster stricken member utilities. Some of the activities undertaken by the Secretariat under this programme include the deployment of Engineers to undertake damage assessments and line crews to carry out transmission & distribution network restoration work.

Successful implementation of disaster restoration activities calls for the CARILEC Secretariat to collaborate with member utilities requesting assistance and those providing assistance as well as with regional and international public and private sector agencies.

Benchmark Study

CARILEC orients the utilities, investors and industry stakeholders about the characteristics, behaviour and outlook of the electric utility industry in the Caribbean region.

The CARILEC Secretariat continues to perform a coordinated Benchmark Study of member electric utilities.  The results of this exercise can be used by the member utilities to identify, analyze and adapt utility industry best practices, and formulate performance improvement programs (PIPS) thereby making them more efficient and sustainable.

Tariff Survey

CARILEC continues to conduct electricity tariff surveys regularly among its member electric utilities. The surveys facilitate the compilation and publication of the typical electricity bills for key classes of electricity consumers in the wider Caribbean region. The tariff survey results form an essential part of CARILEC’s effort to provide more visibility of electricity pricing across consumer segments and electric utilities in the region.

Energy Projects

Cooperative efforts and influence with regional organizations continue with several energy projects.  CARILEC generally co-hosts and supports regional administrations such as GIZ, CARICOM and OECS in keeping meetings and workshops on energy production related matters. CARILEC also welcomes projects undertaken by international agencies that require the input from their long experience.

*The Memorandum of Understanding with the University of the West Indies was signed on July 13, 2011. The areas of alliance accredited were training, research; equipment testing and student attachment.

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