Topic: Adopting a GIS supported resilience framework for the electric utility’s sustainability


This workshop aims to sensitize and/or builds on the awareness of the need for leveraging the Geo-Information and its applications for the Electric Utility, specifically with improving resiliency. It will also bring persons of varying responsibility within the industry to an increased understanding of the need for harnessing spatial information for the overall improvement of their business product; which in this case is safe and reliable electric energy, in the face of short-term and long-term negative disaster consequences.

At the end of the Workshop, GIS professionals, decision makers, managers, technical staff, planners, system operators, and other energy-sector stakeholders will gain an appreciation to key concepts for promoting power sector resilience. Participants can then apply this knowledge in the development of strategic utility-specific processes, and should obtain greater clarity in formulating ideas for resiliency introduction within their respective corporate environment. Consequently, be able conceptualize, articulate and develop GIS applications within their utility’s operations to better inform sustainability concerns.

Workshop Outline

To be effective, the workshop will allow for participants to:

  • Understand GIS as a facilitator in the utility’s disaster management practices

  • Understand resiliency and its relationship with the complex adaptability concept

  • Assess the existing environment and conceptually develop a risk identification and treatment plan, aided by GIS

  • Develop and prioritize resilience action plans based on threats, impact, and vulnerabilities, with clear strategy for addressing implementation challenges.

  • Consider an adaptive resiliency framework for possible mainstreaming, to advance the utility’s and power sector sustainability.

Presenter: Shawn Charles