Presentation 5

Topic: Creating legal frameworks to deal with issues of discrimination and/or misconduct With the revelations of #metoo movement, leaders in governments, corporations and non-profits are aware that they may have serious misconduct occurring.   Entities are struggling with how to handle claims of discrimination and harassment in a way that is fair to all parties involved, […]

Presentation 2

Theme: Code of Conduct for Legal Council As Corporate Secretaries, we wear many hats but our most important task is ensuring the Board and the Company by extension does the ‘right thing’. This may sound very simple but if you recall your law school days; and the riveting debates regarding Dicey’s rule of law; you […]

Presentation 1

Workshop  Risk Management for Corporate Secretaries This workshop will provide an ‘essentials’ course on risk management to help corporate secretaries understand what frameworks exist, the basic vocabulary of risk discussions, and emerging trends in risk governance. A breakout session in table groups to perform a risk assessment exercise

Keynote Address

Topic: You have the Power: Strategies for Creating Success Sharon Christopher is the founder and CEO of Sharon Christopher and Associates, an organisation that has as its Mission “helping people live their best lives.” Ms. Christopher is a Leadership Development Coach ,Motivational Speaker and an Attorney-at-Law. For many years she was the only woman in an Executive team which successfully led the merger, of three indigenous [...]

Presentation 4

Topic: Stakeholder participation: what?why? and when? This workshop will address directly the challenge many utilities are having in finding the most effective way to hear from and talk to various stakeholder groups. We will explore the options of more open AGM’s, advisory committees, stakeholder panels, and what role the Board of Directors should have in […]

Presentation 3

Topic: Financial Risk Management The most desirable objective of risk management is to eliminate risk uncertainty, whether for threats or opportunities. But what happens when that’s not an option? Even the most thorough planning is subject to risk, and the best leaders are the ones who know how to respond effectively to risk, whether for […]