CARILEC Linesman Rodeo

AGENDA 1. Opening Ceremony 2. Events EVENTS Each event requires a three man team Earth Installation Pole speed climb Fuse Cut out One (1) mystery event v Hurtman rescue Basket Ball GUIDELINES Three-man team for each category A utility can register more than one team There should be a judge to accompa-ny each team Each […]

Linesman Seminar and Manufacturer’s Showcase

SEMINAR TOPICS Minimum Approach Distance: OSHA Standards Grounding for Personal Protection The Impact of the Smart Grid on the Future work of Linesman Manufacture of Wood Poles Linesman Apprenticeship Programme – GRENLEC Transformer Connection Hot Stick testing, Maintenance and Repair Best Practice for use of Electrical connections & Compression Tools Panel discussion: Topic – Safety […]

Bucket Truck Rescue Certification

Bucket Truck Rescue, Part 1
Basic procedures for performing a bucket truck rescue when boom can reach the ground and the bucket has a bucket tilt lever or quick release device.