Topic: Choose to Thrive Are you ready to unleash your inner potential? Are you ready to discover what is holding you back? Let’s remove the pain of the past, distractions of the future and focus on now! Parts 1&2 1. Letting Go and The Wheel of Life This session focuses on what you need to […]

Topic: Financial Risk Management

The most desirable objective of risk management is to eliminate risk uncertainty, whether for threats or opportunities. But what happens when that’s not an option? Even the most thorough planning is subject to risk, and the best leaders are the ones who know how to respond effectively to risk, whether for a threat or an […]

Topic: Procurement, Integrity and Transparency

Sound procurements are the cornerstone of sustainable development. This presentation will walk through the best practices the U.S. Government implements to ensure fair and open competition. Understand how to treat source selection and sensitive information, conduct technical evaluations and treat unsolicited proposals, communicate with contractors, and the release of information.

Topic: Workshop Risk Management for Corporate Secretaries

This workshop will provide an ‘essentials’ course on risk management to help corporate secretaries understand what frameworks exist, the basic vocabulary of risk discussions, and emerging trends in risk governance. A breakout session in table groups will be conducted to perform a risk assessment exercise.

Topic: Stakeholder Engagement: What?Why? Who and When?

This workshop will address directly the challenge many utilities are having in finding the most effective way to hear from and talk to various stakeholder groups. We will explore the options of more open AGM’s, advisory committees, stakeholder panels, and what role the Board of Directors should have in both setting policy and receiving feedback. […]

Topic: Countering Corruption & The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

The energy sector is a prime target for corrupt actors: projects are large, there are substantial recurring fuel costs, and public oversight is challenging. As the Caribbean looks to adopt advanced energy sources, the risk of corruption derailing the process looms in the background. This presentation walks through various international counter-bribery/corruption laws, with an emphasis […]