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Embracing Preparedness Throughout the Season

Encourage your customers to avoid waiting till an impending storm to start preparations. A storm warning is issued when storm conditions are expected in a specified area in 24 hours or less. This may not give adequate time to get started on preparations. Here are some steps you can encourage your customers to achieve during […]

How it’s Made – Hurricanes

Ever wonder what factors come into play to create a hurricane? Hurricanes are tropical cyclones. When a tropical cyclone’s sustained winds reach 39 to 73 mph (63 to 118 km/h), it is considered a tropical storm and is named from an annual list from the World Meteorological Organisation. Thus far for the Atlantic Hurricane Season […]

Member Training & Events: Jan – Jul 2019

  Leadership Capacity Building Series The Workshop Series is developed and will be delivered based on a blend of some “hard‟ and “soft‟ skills to equip and enhance participant’s knowledge, skill and attitudes for higher levels of commitment, productivity, and performance in the workplace. It is premised on the notion that the ability‟ to perform […]

Lightning Strikes and electricity pole in background

Prepping your Crew for a Hurricane

Though hurricane season spans 6 months, hurricane preparation should be a 365-day activity as the best way to be prepared for a hurricane is to always be prepared for one.  Preparing your company for hurricane season can be challenging, but the tips below can help you get started.

PM Says Newly Commissioned LNG Terminal Will Reduce Energy Costs

Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Andrew Holness, says the newly commissioned Floating Storage and Regasification Terminal, demonstrates that the country is conscious about protecting the environment, and is committed to reducing energy costs. He also argues that this now establishes Jamaica as a premier liquified natural gas (LNG) hub. Mr. Holness was speaking at a […]

The Future of Energy Efficiency

Societal pressure and emissions policies are speeding up innovation in the world of energy. At the same time, increasing competition is pushing companies to become more efficient. A range of businesses are now opting to use more sustainable energy sources such as solar and wind. However, to make the most of renewable technology, business will […]

Carbon-capturing Solutions

In the Caribbean, commercial and residential air condition units have become less of a want and more of a need with scorching temperatures becoming the norm. Use of this energy-intensive appliance causes emissions that contribute to higher global temperatures, which means we need to use the AC more, producing a cycle of more emissions and […]

Storage Technology for Clean Energy

The rapid change of the technology we use commercially and personally is dramatically increasing the global demand for electric power. As consumers, we’re gulping power at an alarming rate, from air conditioning systems, household appliances, and all forms of home entertainment devices, to cloud computing, computers, and consumer electronics. Over the past few years, we’re […]


CASTRIES, Saint Lucia, June 15th, 2019: The 31st Annual General Meeting of the Caribbean Electric Utilities Services Corporation (CARILEC) convened in Saint Lucia on May 23rd and elected a Board of Directors that brings a mix of new perspectives, experience and institutional memory to the strategic direction mapped out by the Corporation for the period […]