Cooperation Agreement for studying Biodiesel in Curacao


Recently, the government corporation, Aqualectra, represented by Mr. Anton Casperson, Refineria Kòrsou, represented by its Manager Mr. Herbert Mensche and Curoil, represented by its Manager, Mr. Gensley Capella, signed a cooperation agreement to study biodiesel in Curaçao with the organization Fundashon Antiano pa Energia (FAPE), which was represented by its Manager Mr. Ed Bakhuis and Treasurer Mr. Frank Eelenburg. All this took place in the presence of Commissioner of Energy, Mr. Humphrey Davelaar.

Mr. Gensley Capella, Manager of Curoil, told them that they as government corporations have agreed to reach a cooperation agreement to study biodiesel here in Curaçao, as it is necessary to obtain other types of renewable energy for our island.

According to Mr. Capella, FAPE will have to study the production of biodiesel from algae in a way that has to become economically viable. In addition to this, Curaçao will gradually have to go in the direction of using biodiesel, the way it is now happening in Europe, the United States and, definitely, Brazil. 

Commissioner Davelaar pointed out that at the moment that he received the alternative energy report, he started to work on the possibility, so that one day Curaçao, too, can enter the process of developing sustainable diesel. According to Commissioner Davelaar, it is necessary to reach a moment that Curaçao processes a more reliable energy system. Already we are working here in Curaçao with the alternative system of wind and sun, while in the past exploring this matter of biodiesel was initiated.

Finally, Commissioner Davelaar pointed out that he hopes that within 2 to 3 years we ourselves can start producing biodiesel here in Curaçao for local consumption.

As for the agreement, this is based on a number of points, which are:

1. FAPE has to conduct a pre-study on the development of sustainable diesel;

2. FAPE has to make a so-called “road map” to be able to arrive at the 
    development of sustainable diesel in Curaçao;

3. The pre-study Developing Sustainable Diesel has to provide the possibilities 
    to investigate the possibility to replace fossil fuel and also biomass.