Handling Customer Complaints- Dominica Electricity Services Limited

As we continue to highlight certain aspects of our Customer Service Charter, we focus today on the manner in which complaints should be handled.

Complaint Handling

Customers have access to transparent, simple, and inexpensive procedures for dealing with their complaints. Disputes will be settled fairly and promptly, with provision, where warranted, for a system of reimbursement and/or compensation. In addition, information on how to access complaint services and procedures is available on the Company’s website and at its offices. Additionally, customers may appeal any decision regarding their complaints to the IRC.

DOMLEC defines a complaint or grievance as any expression of dissatisfaction with the actions, operations, processes and systems, or service of the Company or its employees. It must be distinguished from a query, which is an inquiry or request for information.There are several methods available to customers to put forth complaints or grievances to DOMLEC for resolution:
• In person to a Customer Service Representative at our offices at 18 Castle Street, Roseau;
• Over the phone during regular business hours at 255-6008 or 255-6009, or directly to the Senior Customer Service Representative at 255-6012;
• In writing to the Customer Service Representative, Dominica Electricity Services, 18 Castle Street, P.O. Box 1593, Roseau, Dominica;
• Via the Contact Us tab on the Company’s website (; 
• Via DOMLEC’s Facebook page; and 
• Via text to 275-3477.

Once a complaint/grievance is received, DOMLEC will take the following steps to bring the matter to resolution: 
1. The grievance/complaint is analyzed then referred to the appropriate section/person for action. It will be expedited for action based on the level of gravity.
2. A case is created and actioned. The customer is given the case number for referencing/tracking purposes.
3. The matter is investigated to determine the facts of the case.
4. After investigation, the customer is notified of the findings.
If the customer is not satisfied with the findings, or does not hear from the Company within seven (7) working days, the customer may contact DOMLEC’s Customer Service Officer at 255-6017 for escalation. If the customer is still dissatisfied or does not hear from the Customer Service Officer within five (5) working days, they may further escalate the matter to DOMLEC’s Commercial Manager at 255-6018. If no resolution is achieved within five (5) working days, the matter may be escalated to the General Manager at 255-6021.If the customer is not satisfied with the resolution provided by DOMLEC, he/she may refer the matter to the Independent Regulatory Commission (IRC) via telephone at 1-767-440-6634 or email at 

Note: Notwithstanding the escalation process described above, a customer is free to refer a matter directly to the IRC at anytime.

Source: DOMLEC