Data analytics in the electricity sector

Welcome to the latest DNV GL Talks Energy podcast series. This series focuses on digitalization and the impact of technology and data. Each week notable industry thought leaders join us to discuss AI, data analytics and all the hot topics impacting the strategies of global businesses, communities and nations as we transition towards a more efficient energy system.

Data Analytics in the Electricity Sector 

With new and innovative technologies developing at record pace, DNV GL’s Michael Wilkinson, Global Segment Leader, Energy Digitalization, gives us some advice on how to see through the digitalization hype and better understand the solutions that can help to transform the electricity sector. In this digitally acute episode, Michael gives us an overview of the technologies that are driving the digitalization revolution and introduces DNV GL’s latest whitepaper - Data Analytics in the Electricity Sector, which examines the current role of data analytics, and its likely influence on the energy systems of the future. He gives examples of how digitalization aids the forecasting of renewable energy flows, and so enables operators to better respond to demand; the impact on energy trading and markets; and how technologies such as blockchain are transforming local energy communities. Finally, Michael touches on the regulatory challenges arising from the introduction of these new technologies.

For more information you can download the Data Analytics in the Electricity Sectorwhitepaper here.