Payment of driving and vehicle tax also possible at EBS cash registers

Photo: Managing Director Rabindre Parmessar is the first EBS employee to pay the driving and vehicle tax at the cash desk at the head office at Noorderkerkstraat.

PARAMARIBO 28 NOVEMBER 2018-NV Energiebedrijven Suriname (EBS) recently agreed with the Ministry of Finance that from Monday 3 December 2018 onwards, the receipts of the funds earmarked for driving and vehicle tax can also be made at the counters. From Monday 3 December 2018, customers / citizens will be contacted at the collection offices / service centers: Latour, Zorg en Hoop, Saramaccastraat, Munder, EBS Nickerie and the EBS Head Office to meet their payment obligations.

The employees of the EBS are also offered the opportunity to pay their payment obligations via the EBS cash registers. They are offered the opportunity to pay the driving vehicle tax in cash or by way of deduction by the Pension Fund of the EBS. This morning, the General Manager Rabindre Parmessar was one of the first EBS people to pay his bills at the cash desk at the head office at Noorderkerkstraat.

Interested parties must present the number, registration number of the relevant driving or vehicle and the ID card and are then given the opportunity to pay their tax liability by means of cash payment or payment via the POS system. The sticker and the payment receipt will be at location a given. By offering this option to its customers / citizens, EBS wishes to contribute to the further improvement of its image within society.