SSE Business Energy renews flagship renewable energy tariff verification

SSE Business Energy steps up its green credentials by renewing its flagship renewable energy tariff verification.

The supplier has had its SSE Green offering independently verified and assured for a further 12 months by EcoAct, which was formerly called Carbon Clear.

The certificaiton demonstrates the energy tariff is sourced solely from wind and hydropower assets, enabling businesses to report a demonstrable reduction in their emissions.

It is backed by Renewable Electricity Guarantee of Origins (REGOs), which proves that the electricity comes from a renewable source.

Mark Chadwick, CEO at EcoAct said: “More and more businesses are looking to invest in renewable electricity to report zero emissions.

“To do this, it’s essential there’s a robust framework in place that gives organisations the confidence that the electricity they are buying is generated by renewable energy sources. Achieving third party verification from us provides this reassurance for SSE Green customers.”