APUA Energy Tips

How do we Save Energy?

The best way to save energy is to use less of it. Only use what you need. It's hard, I know, but if we make a conscious effort, we can cut energy costs.

How does a WIndow Exhaust Fan Help?

A window exhaust fan is an excellent way to save energy. It uses less electricity than an air conditioner and provides a comfortable living environment. That's why a window fan is a great energy alternative!

A window fan is perfect for those who have air conditioning and those who don't. If you have air conditioning, you can save energy by shutting it off and using window fans instead. A window fan is a good companion to your air conditioner. Use your air conditioner part of the time and use window fans the rest of the time. Using a window fan as an air conditioner alternative can significantly cut your energy costs.

The people at Save Greenly studied how cost effective window fans are. They discovered that a window fan only  costs 7.7 cents a day to run. That's a lot of savings, and explains why window fans are a great energy alternative!