JPS Electricity Rates Drop by 3.14% for November

JPS customers will see on average, a 3.14% reduction in bills for November, as the Company passes on savings to its customers, due to a drop in fuel prices.  This is the second consecutive month to see a fall in electricity rates, as October rates dipped by 3.75% – over 6% drop in two months.

This month, the Fuel & Independent Power Producers (IPP) Charge has been reduced from $23.82 to $22.75 per kilowatt hour (kWh).  The total cost per kWh of electricity stands at approximately 30 US cents on November bills, or about J$38.58, for residential customers.

Therefore, a customer who consistently uses 165 kWh per month, will be paying $212.55 less for his bill this month, compared to what he paid last month. This customer will pay $6,499.37 for the 165 kWh of electricity used, as against the $6,711.92 that was paid in October for the same usage.

JPS has consistently passed on savings resulting from the fall in the price of oil on the world market, whenever this occurs.

The Company is also reminding customers of the importance of energy efficiency.  Customers who need advice on energy conservation may visit the Company’s website at or speak with a representative in the Customer Care Centre at 888-CALLJPS (888-225-5577).  Additionally, customers may contact the Company via its social media pages @myjpsonline.