GRENLEC Stages its Linesman Certification - Journeyman Level

November 27, 2018- The Grenada Electricity Services Ltd. (GRENLEC) continues to uphold its commitment to capacity building and safety, by staging its GRENLEC Linesman Certification - Journeyman Level to certify linesmen currently employed with them.  Linesmen work with thousands of volts of electricity, keeping the power flowing to our homes and businesses each and every day. They spend their days in all types of conditions including adverse conditions in the aftermath of a hurricane. It is a dangerous profession, making it critical to follow the safety rules. The most important skill set for a Linesman is technical-based. They must have an understanding of electrical and power equipment  and knowledge of electrical currents, voltage and resistance. The Caribbean Electric Utility Services Corporation (CARILEC), which, in collaboration with GRENLEC, hosted the CARILEC Linesman Safety Symposium and Rodeo from 29 May - 4 June, has long advocated for the capacity building and safety for Linesmen in the region. The Secretariat  is pleased to support its full member utilities in the professional development of their technicians building expertise, creating careers, and protecting communities, and commends GRENLEC on carrying out this valuable capacity building certification exercise. 



Source: CARILEC