JPS to Fix 2,000 Streetlights for November – Repairs to follow publicized schedule

JPS is reporting that having exceeded its October target for streetlight repairs (2,544 street lamps fixed, surpassing the target of 2,000), the Company is scheduled to fix another 2,000 streetlights by the end of November.  This comes as part of the Company’s accelerated streetlight repair programme, which includes expediting the procurement of streetlighting materials from overseas suppliers, and a ramping up of repair activity straight into the end of the year.

The Company wishes to point out that while the vast majority of streetlights across the island are in working order, it understands that persons will be eager to have repairs expedited in their communities.  JPS is therefore informing the public that the repair of streetlights will be following a fortnightly schedule.

Areas in which streetlights are to be repaired during the fortnight of Nov.12 – 26 are:

Kingston and St. Andrew

Cockburn Gardens, Vineyard Town, August Town, Brandon Hill, Castleton, Friendship Gap, Stony Hill

St. Catherine:

Old Harbour, Linstead, Bog Walk


Toll Gate, Peckham, Milk River, Rock River, May Pen North


Porus, Comfort, Greenvale, Dunsinane, Fairfield Mountain, Hopeton, Christiana, Sedburgh, Mollison, Ticky Ticky, Coleyville

St. Elizabeth

Treasure Beach, Barbary Hall, Vineyard, Arlington, Hill Top, Splice Grove, Williamsfield, Newell,  Pedro Plains, Great Bay, Hopewell, Lacovia, Mountainside, Burnt Savannah, Knoxwood, Slipe, Ridge Pen


Hertford, Carawina, Campbellton Gardens, Petersfield, Savanna-la-mar, Sheffield, Silver spring, Ketto, Spring Garden


Riverside, Dias, Pond Piece, Lucea Town, Green Island, Chester Castle, Hopewell

St. James

Kensington, Maroon Town, John’s Hall, Over River, Hurlock, Mafoota, Catadupa, Cambridge, Norwood, Rose Heights, Rose Mount


Ulster Spring, Jackson Town, Wakefield, Bounty Hall

St. Ann

Fort George, Pedro River, Bensonton, Wild Cane, Bohemia, Cave Valley

St. Thomas:

Dalvey, Cedar Valley, Morant Bay Town

The schedule will be posted and updated on an ongoing basis, on the JPS website at

JPS is committed to delivering on its streetlight repair programme, as it partners with the Government and people of Jamaica to deliver the highest level of customer service.  The Company has repaired 7,825 streetlights since the start of the year, in addition to the over 5,000 lights which were converted to Smart LED lights.