JPS Says 2018 will close with Significantly Advanced Improvement Projects – US$116M Push Enhancing Reliability


JPS is announcing that its investment of approximately US$116M in the grid for 2018, will see the Company closing the year with significantly advanced projects and improved reliability, compared to the same time period last year.

One of the significant investments includes the current construction of an energy storage facility at Hunts Bay, St. Andrew, which will help to improve reliability through the creation of a more flexible grid, that can accommodate more renewables.  This year alone, JPS is investing US$17.316M, of a total budget of US$21.575 for this undertaking.  When complete in 2019, the system will act as a battery back-up when fluctuations in power supply occur, due to the intermittency of renewables, and other factors.

Another significant project includes the modernization of the grid through the use of devices which detect faults, minimize their impact, and restore power automatically to customers. These technologies include Distribution Automation switches, including Trip Savers as well as Fault Circuit Indicators.  In 2018, US$1.5M or J$195M was invested in this project.  Several customers across the island are already beginning to reap the benefit of these investments, evidenced by fewer outages.

The Company has also been investing in a Voltage Standardization Project in St. Andrew and St. Ann, which has resulted in better power quality and improved reliability. JPS has put in a capital outlay of over US$2.6M, which upon completion will see, among other things, the town of Ocho Rios and its environs benefitting from a more robust grid and improved power supply.

JPS remains committed to ongoing service improvements and the use of advanced technology to serve customers across the country.