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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — APR Energy, a global leader in fast-track power solutions, aims to serve and develop communities beyond just the delivery of reliable power. Through its Community Development Program, APR Energy regularly invests in neighborhoods around the world by supporting healthcare, infrastructure and STEM education initiatives. The goal of the program is to deliver valuable skills to all generations and improve overall quality of life for those in communities served by APR Energy’s fast-track power generation.

APR Energy’s latest community initiative is in the U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI), where the company announced today that it is enabling 16 students and six chaperones from the St. Thomas/St. John Youth Scholastic Chess Club to compete in the U.S. Chess Federation’s 2018 National Scholastic K-12 Grade Championship in Orlando, Fla.

“The impact APR Energy provides to communities around the world isn’t limited to just the delivery of power; we also help to ensure that the local neighborhoods we serve are empowered with resources that profoundly impact the community in positive ways,” said John Campion, chairman, APR Energy. “Providing the opportunity to the St. Thomas/St. John Youth Scholastic Chess Club to compete in the national chess tournament ensures that we’re paving a path to success for each and every one of these students.”

St. Thomas/St. John Youth Scholastic Chess Club is a nonprofit organization in USVI that aims to promote educational, social, decision-making, critical thinking and leadership skills to every student in the community. APR Energy presented the donation to Sinclair Wilkinson, President of the Youth Scholastic Chess Club, during an October 20 ceremony at a local competition in St. Thomas, USVI.

“Within our Youth Scholastic Chess Club, our coaches, parents, students and I think that APR Energy is an ‘unsung hero’ whose services affect every aspect of our daily lives,” said Sinclair Wilkinson, president, St. Thomas/St. John Youth Scholastic Chess Club. “APR Energy’s contributions enable our chess students to realize one of their dreams: to travel off island and participate in a premier national chess tournament designed for students like them to gain additional competitive experience, improve their knowledge, skills and overall academic performance.”

APR Energy has been delivering power to St. Thomas, USVI since 2012 through the USVI Water and Power Authority (WAPA). With the assistance of WAPA, APR Energy identified the opportunity to provide a meaningful STEM experience to children in the USVI.

“WAPA is pleased to partner with APR Energy in providing an opportunity for our young people to compete nationally,” said Clinton T. Hedrington, Jr., chief operating officer, WAPA Electric System. “WAPA has had a years-long relationship with APR Energy, and today’s donation speaks volumes about their commitment not only to WAPA but to the Virgin Islands community we both serve. This is an incredible donation and WAPA salutes APR Energy for its investment in STEM Education in the Virgin Islands.”

APR Energy’s Community Development Program stretches across every continent in the world. In several communities, the company has renovated schools, community clinics and computer labs, sponsored nationwide health campaigns and supplied educational or sporting equipment for various youth activities. The end result is always a stronger and safer community that is better equipped for success.