JPS 90% Compliant with Guaranteed Standards set by OUR

The Company has been focussed on improving service to customers, resulting in a reduction in breaches in the 2nd quarter, moving from 20,121 to 17,634 – a reduction of 12%. The overwhelming majority of breaches resulted from estimated bills.  While the Company works to significantly reduce the number of estimations, it should be recognized that JPS tries to read roughly 600,000 meters each month – that is 1.8Million meters over the period of three months.  The reduction to 17,634 breaches, therefore, represents less than 1% of the total number of meters read.   JPS is also continuing the roll-out of smart meters, which will help to significantly reduce the number of estimated bills.

JPS will remain focussed on delivering improved, high quality service, through a more robust and smarter national grid and a cadre of dedicated employees.