Looking into the future of power systems: Reinventing energy in innovative ways

Aggreko Invests in Smart Energy

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Aggreko, the leading global provider of modular, mobile power, has acquired Younicos, a global market leader in the development and deployment of integrated energy systems, based on battery storage.

Younicos delivers smart energy solutions integrating battery storage, which are modular and scalable. Its knowledge of batteries combined with a proprietary smart energy control software, enables the seamless integration and management of all forms of power, including thermal, renewable and battery energy resources; this is becoming critical in an increasingly distributed energy market. Global energy markets are changing: decarbonizing and becoming more decentralized and digital.

As renewables penetration increases, intermittency becomes a more difficult issue to manage across grid systems. Integration and control of thermal, renewable and battery systems will be increasingly required to ensure that power stability and reliability are maintained. Off- grid and microgrid energy solutions are ever more integrating renewable generation, whilst industrial and commercial customers are also taking advantage of opportunities for renewable integration.

The Younicos integration and control systems, combined with batteries, can be deployed to lower the cost of energy, ensure reliability and reduce carbon emissions for our customers around the world. As a pioneer of smart energy solutions based on battery storage, Younicos is at the forefront of this trend. Batteries are an economically attractive and reliable asset which will play an increasing role as we

In addition, Aggreko and Younicos are now combining solar-diesel hybrid with battery storage as part of a new microgrid-as-a-service offer. Customers around the world can benefit from this new modular and mobile approach, combining low-cost renewables, in particular solar, with thermal generation and battery storage in one single contract with flexible conditions. 

With this new offering, customers reduce their electricity costs through the use of cheaper solar energy – without any compromise to their power reliability or security of supply. Integrating grid-forming battery systems allow as much solar as is economically optimal to be deployed, without any technical limitations. What’s more, it also cuts fuel requirements by significantly improving thermal generation efficiency and replacing the need for backup. This lowers costs while reducing the impact on the environment by cutting emissions significantly.

Integrated microgrid solutions will be available with rental durations as short as five years, enabling customers to test new technology and quickly adapt to a fast-evolving market, without the need for lengthy commitments, asset investment and technology risks. This modular offer is also flexible, and can be combined with other types of renewable generation, such as wind.