CARILEC's Executive Director pays courtesy calls on NV GEBE and SKELEC

The Executive Director of CARILEC  paid courtesy calls on NV GEBE and SKELEC in late August, 2018.  See pictures below: 

Dr. Bertin meet with the NV GEBE Team. L-R: Mr. Kenrick Chittick, CEO- NV GEBE; Dr. Bertin, Executive Director-CARILEC;  Ms. Veronica Jansen-Webster, COO; Mr. Patrick Drijvers, Asst. Distribution Manager. 

Presented by CARILEC to NV GEBE in 2016, it was proudly displayed at the NV GEBE head office. 

Dr. Cletus Bertin with Ms. Pearl Williams, Managing Director (Ag.), SKELEC. 

Dr. Cletus Bertin pictured here with Mr. Clement Williams, T & D Manager, SKELEC after they did an island tour.