Guyana factory turns to solar

The Ministry of Public Infrastructure and the Guyana rum producer, Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL), agreed to change the use of several areas in Diamond, East Bank Demerara, where both the company and the ministry participate separately in major development projects.

According to a ministry statement, the problems of the use of the areas have already been discussed and agreed, and several works are currently planned to improve the drainage of the areas, traffic congestion and road safety. "Among DDL's expansion plans are the construction of a new packaging facility, a new headquarters building, the establishment of a solar farm for power generation and the relocation of the Topco juice plant," explained the CEO. government.

The Minister of Public Infrastructure of Guyana, David Patterson, and the Permanent Secretary of his ministry, Kenneth Jordan, also visited the DDL bottling, deposit and distillery plant.

In Guyana, only one large-scale photovoltaic project is currently being developed, a 100 MW facility planned with the support of the Norwegian government .

Guyana plans to more than double its power generation output from 749 GWh per year in 2015 to 1,503.5 GWh in 2025. This means that around 200 MW of new capacity is needed to ensure that this growing demand is met. Solar is being considered as one of the possible and most viable options to implement part of this capacity. To date, however, only a few MW of PV, consisting mainly of photovoltaic rooftop systems, are connected to the country's grid. All these systems benefit from the net measurement, which allows the injection into the grid of non-self-consumed electricity.

Guyana's current energy strategy aims to cover 100% of its electricity demand with renewable energy by 2025. This means that the current capacity of 200 MW, which comes from two thermal power plants, will have to be completely replaced.