Decarbonisation has been described by Sir Richard Branson, Founder Virgin Group, as a potential multibillion dollar industry in the Caribbean. This sentiment was shared during the opening ceremony of the Barbados Light & Power Co. Ltd.’s cohosted event, CARILEC Chief Executive Officers & Leadership Conference. It was held from May 20- 23, 2018, at Hilton Barbados Resort where leaders met to strategise on the conference’s theme: Leadership in an Age of Disruption – Roger Beckles, Senior Engineering Manager, Distribution Operations, wants customers to know that being resilient as a company is not only about being able to withstand very large disturbances, but also encompasses the ability to recover from any other type of event such as tsunamis, earthquakes or cascading asset failure. “Using lessons learnt from the very active 2017 hurricane season, the Company is revising its hurricane resiliency plan.” Beckles and the Light & Power team are not only focusing on Generation, Transmission and Distribution assets and overall business continuity, but also on employee preparedness and readiness. For storm preparedness and our people, we have – Encouraged all employees to complete Leaders from electricity companies across the Caribbean benefitted from dynamic sessions during the CARILEC Chief Executive Officers & Leadership Conference hosted at Hilton Barbados Resort.

Roger Beckles, Senior Engineering Manager, Distribution Operations. FUEL CLAUSE ADJUSTMENT: FEBRUARY 2018 - JULY 2018 10 20 30 40 50 60 0 FEBRUARY 2018 28.7500 MARCH 2018 28.7500 APRIL 2018 27.4759 JUNE 2018 35.7825 JUNE 2018 35.7825 MAY 2018 28.6051 THE FUEL CLAUSE ADJUSTMENT FOR JULY 2018 IS 35.7825 CENTS PER KILOWATT HOUR preparations at home – Gathered accurate and updated contact information for everyone and – Re-looked at employee role assignments and clearly defined areas of responsibility during critical periods. For storm preparedness at the business level, we have revisited the hurricane procedures, taking into account the increased intensity of hurricanes, and have – Invested in back up communications: satellite phones and CB radios – Re-evaluated hurricane and critical stock items – Revisited the quantity of food and water reserves for coverage up to several weeks – Continued to actively participate in Department of Emergency Management Planning and in the CARILEC Hurricane Assistance programme. Managing the 3D’s Digitilisation, Decarbonisation, Decentralisation. Following an impressive presentation of the regional flags by The Barbados Defense Force and welcome remarks by Managing Director Roger Blackman, the audience was treated to the keynote speech by Sir Richard Branson via Skype. Sir Richard, whose British Virgin Islands home sustained damage during last year’s devastating hurricane season, was emphatic that the Caribbean can be an example to the rest of the world as it relates to decarbonisation (the reduction or removal of carbon dioxide from energy sources). “The Caribbean is at risk due to climate change,” Sir Richard surmised. “The sea is getting warmer and hurricanes are getting stronger … everything was destroyed in the British Virgin Islands after the passage of the hurricane. The solar panels and windmills were easy to replace but other parts of the islands are still without electricity.”

On his island, he said, everything is powered by solar and this clean energy was described as profitable. “Customers can save more money when they use clean energy and we’re delighted to try to help you.” He added: “I’ve been talking to Bill Gates and others to ensure cheap funding so people can go from dirty energy to clean energy – and the World Bank has been helpful.” Jules Kortenhorst, Chief Executive Officer of Rocky Mountain Institute, who introduced Branson to the audience, said the way forward for Caribbean leaders is to work together, “given the speed with which life is changing and the fact that no one person has the answers.” In addition to solar technology, Branson also emphasised the benefits of using geothermal technology and wind energy to produce clean energy. Branson graciously extended an invitation to the leaders gathered at the conference to visit his island home and view his energy efficient systems in operation. 

Source: Barbados Light and Power Company