BLPC talks safety at Williams Industries

BRC’s General Manager Pete Collett described BLPC’s Electric Junction as a very effective learning tool that is practical, allowing people to see and understand what happens should an electrical contact incident occur. He was addressing the start of the annual Williams Industries’ refresher training for all technical staff and supervisors. He explained that when he saw the Junction at the launch of the public education campaign on electrical safety in February he immediately thought it should be a part of this year’s Williams Industries training agenda. Over 40 persons attended the half-day workshop representing each of the Company’s divisions. Mr. Collett said that the workshop was initially technically-focussed, but safety was incorporated ten years ago. Now the annual seminar focusses almost exclusively on safety because, in Mr. Collett’s words, ‘it is more important than any other issue’. The 2018 edition was about safety only. The BRC GM encouraged participants to take good notes and to start using the information gained on the job because it is the only way to instill good safety awareness and practices.

Source: BLPC