More Legal Electricity Users in Fyffe’s Pen

JPS is reporting another success in sustained legalised electricity consumption. This time, the development has taken place in the St. Elizabeth community of Fyffe’s Pen, home to approximately 600 households. In 2016, JPS was losing 83% of the electricity transmitted to the community, to unpaid usage.  Since then, the Company has engaged the community and installed loss reduction infrastructure, which has resulted in a dramatic drop in losses to 8%, to date.

The project, which required several months of groundwork, received mixed reactions from residents, but has had an overall positive effect, as community members are now recipients of safe and reliable power supply.

Senior Vice President of Customer Service, Ramsay McDonald, notes that, “The JPS has as its highest priority, the safety of customers and the delivery of reliable, quality supply.  As such, the Company is employing new strategies to encourage continued regularization.  JPS is implementing measures that will not only stop non-compliance for a short period of time, but will lead to sustainable legalization.”

This particular infrastructure used in Fyffe’s Pen has also been used in the previously high loss community of Alligator Pond in Manchester, with similar results. JPS continues to appeal to all persons to become regularized customers.  Persons may call the Customer Care Centre at 1-888-CALLJPS for more information or go to the JPS social media platforms @myjpsonline for more information about obtaining electricity legally.