100,000 Smart Meters to be rolled out Island wide in 2018 - J$2.4 Billion Investment

JPS President and CEO Emanuel DaRosa, has announced that the company will be installing 100,000 smart meters island wide in 2018. The announcement came at the recent ground breaking for the 24.5 megawatt energy storage facility, at the JPS Hunts Bay Substation. The President stated that, “This year’s equipment installation represents an investment of J$2.4 Billion.  The new smart meters will result in multiple benefits to our customers. These include: improved service reliability, remote connection and remote reading.”

He also noted that, “The Company’s capital investment in 2018 will be the largest investment in any single year to date.”  The roll-out of 100,000 smart meters is in keeping with the Company’s goal to further modernise the grid, ensure system reliability and lower costs.

The meters facilitate greater reliability, as they are able to alert the Company when power supply has been interrupted.  They will also reduce the incidence of estimated bills, as the company seeks to improve customer service.

JPS is among hundreds of electric utilities across the world which use smart meters. Currently, over 700 million smart meters have been installed worldwide.

Source: JPS