JPS Energy Solutions Helps Airline Caterers Achieve Cost Reduction

JPS is reporting that its re-branded business unit, the JPS Energy Solutions Division, has achieved cost savings for airline caterers, Goddard’s Catering, through the installation of photovoltaic (solar) energy systems  from JPS at its Kingston and Montego Bay locations.

The JPS renewable energy systems were installed and commissioned recently. According to Managing Director of Goddard Catering, Strephon Sanderson, “About 4 or 5 years ago, our electricity cost was approximately 12% of our gross sales. We’ve actually increased our revenues through expanding what we do, but right now [energy costs] average about 4%. What we are doing is actually paying back for [the solar system].” 

JPS Senior Vice President for Business Development, Sheree Martin, says the project is just the beginning in terms of what JPS Energy Solutions has to offer. “The strength, competency and experience that JPS brings to the market cannot be overstated.  As a mature Company with decades of service, we are excited about serving our customers in new and diverse ways. We are dedicated to providing energy – and it doesn’t matter if it is by traditional means via our poles and wires, or by renewable energy systems. What matters is that we meet our customers’ energy needs efficiently and cost effectively.”

The move has also improved the company’s environmental impact, as the renewable system has reduced Goddard’s carbon footprint by 450 metric tons per year. 

While improving energy efficiency is clearly one path to increased business competitiveness, companies are advised to first have an energy audit done, to determine where they are in terms of consumption patterns.  Subsequent to that, an appropriate energy management programme should be designed.  “Some of the time you might not need to install any technology, but just by changing behaviour, you can actually make a huge difference to your energy usage,” Sanderson noted.