Joanne Balentien-Nicastia New CFO for WEB Bonaire

Alfredo Koolman, CEO and Joanne Balentien-Nicastia, CFO

Kralendijk, January 20, 2017 - Joanne Balentien-Nicastia has been appointed Chief Financial Officer by January 1, 2017 (CFO). Along with Alfredo Koolman (CEO) to constitute the Board of WEB. The appointment is the result of a recruitment and selection process that began in June 2016.

Joanne Balentien-Nicastia has over 15 years experience in strategic analysis and implementation, and risk analysis and project financing. She was on her appointment as CFO, director and owner of DCConsultancy, offering corporate financial services. Until June 1, 2015, she was Senior Director of Telecommunications at the National Investment Bank (NIBanc) in Curaçao. In the seven years that Joanne has held this position she has been involved in several large (project) financing, including from utility companies on Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire and St. Maarten.

Joanne received her Master of Engineering at the University of Twente and achieved Level 1 Certified Financial Analyst (CFA). Before moving to the Caribbean, she worked in the Netherlands for KPN. They escorted there strategic processes, wrote business plans for a business unit, responsible for monitoring the revenue of the business unit involved in the evaluation of business cases. In different positions in her career, Joanne has gained sales and marketing experience.

Given the experience and the training of the new CFO WEB is convinced that they can make a positive contribution to the further development in the WEB-organization and in our community.

WEB called Joanne Balentien-Nicastia welcome and wish her success in her new job!

For more information or if you have questions you can contact: WEB Bonaire Contact person Pamela Paz, Communications Advisor Phone: + 599 715 82 44 or by e-mail