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Outlook for 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season

Several forecasts suggest a highly active Atlantic hurricane season which runs from June 1st to November 30th. The prediction for an above-average season is due in part to slightly above normal sea surface temperatures in the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Warm moist air evaporating from the ocean acts as fuel for hurricanes, pumping […]

Expanding the Workforce while Retaining Knowledge

At any given time, several persons in the energy workforce are eligible to retire, including those in key positions. A retiring employee is a reason to celebrate in an industry that has always prided itself on the fulfilling, stable, and long-lasting careers it offers and the care it takes of its workers. But retirement is […]

Resilience in the Energy Sector

There are two ways to look at resiliency in terms of the energy sector, the “bigger-picture” definition is a business’ ability to react to change. In the face of this unprecedented event that is COVID-19, with impacted industries, the need for accelerating technology, innovation, and change in broader market landscape or politics, is your business […]

The Art of Pivoting

Business is all about managing change. Managing the change of growth and development is difficult enough, but you may also be affected by unexpected events (like a pandemic) that can knock the business off track. Business continuity planning and insurance will help address some of the problems caused by such events but cannot provide complete […]

JPS’ Powerful Energy Management Tool To Support Businesses through Challenging Times

May 12, 2020 JPS has increased the availability of a powerful energy management tool for businesses who have to make critical and sustainable decisions for efficient use of energy during this catastrophic COVID-19 season. This tool, which uses Smart Meter data, is already being actively used by approximately sixty (60) commercial customers who possess single […]

#WIRE at #work!

The WIRE Network strives to provide support to our members in all facets of what we now face during this global pandemic. WIRE is committed to continuing our relationship with our network of women as we globally adapt to new realities; Whether it be discussing methods of coping on working from home or providing tips […]

Keeping Staff Motivated

The pandemic means a lot of things have changed in people’s lives and turned how many of us work upside down. As of now, the upheaval is seen as temporary, though it may last longer then most would want. What matters now is maintaining structure, consistency, and giving team members the right sort and quantity […]

Responding to COVID-19

The world has had to pivot in response to the public health crisis, COVID-19 that has impacted every facet of business and personal life. The sudden impact has required businesses to be nimble in their response at a time where innovation is most pivotal. Throughout the region many companies have stepped up to the challenge, […]

Creating a Dedicated Service Culture

These extraordinary times call for dedicated customer service culture to actively reach out and connect with your customer base. In looking at organisations known for high levels of customer service, a common theme emerges — a culture that supports their excellence. Companies do not simply train their employees in customer service skills; they hire the […]