Page 3 - CARILEC Tariff Survey Results June 2022
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        The Caribbean Electricity Tariff Results for  June 2022, published by the CARILEC Secretariat, sets out the disaggregated typical
        electricity bills in United States Dollars for the main classes of consumers, and other pertinent data for 20 (twenty) CARILEC utility

        members that have participated in the survey.

        The typical electricity bills are indicative of the electricity tariffs across the key classes of electricity consumers in the wider Caribbean
        region. The service classifications (residential, commercial, industrial, and other) of Caribbean electricity consumers are determined by
        each utility and are based on various criteria such as: the demand levels, distribution voltage levels, rate schedules, accounting methods,
        end-use applications, and other social and economic characteristics. The tariff structure/components (the number and nature of the
        charges applicable to customers) for each class of service differ somewhat across island states. For unit amounts, we consider the
        average  values,  already  applying  the  applicable  exemptions/  reductions  for  the  specific  customer  group  and  amount  of  monthly
        consumption. Thus, the unit amounts indicated in the tariff survey may differ from those stated on actual customer bills.

        With the aim to show trends and developments of energy sales and demand per customer group, the last section of the report includes
        a comparison of these data with previous survey results.  CARILEC would like to mention that tariff results may include direct or
        indirect  subsidization  of  customer  tariffs,  where  applicable.  In  addition,  relevant  technical  and  operational  data  is  assessed  and
        visualized, such as the use of primary energy sources, installed capacities, system`s peak demand, monthly energy demand and sales,
        customer composition, number of full-time employees (FTE), RE capacities, remuneration and respective support schemes.

        Amid some significant and wide-ranging challenges, Caribbean electric utilities have been exploring and implementing strategies to
        enable the fulfillment of their responsibility to provide electricity to the Caribbean people in a safe, sustainable, reliable and cost-
        effective manner.

        1  Only for available utility data.

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