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The Diversity Impact

Workplace diversity is not just another buzzword or topic frequently discussed in HR and Corporate Communication spaces, but it is a complex subject that has been linked to a wealth of benefits for your business and bottom line. Diversity not only encompasses distinguishing markers such as age, gender and race, but also includes, and is […]

Retaining the Knowledge of Experienced Employees

At any given time, several persons in the energy workforce are eligible to retire, including those in key positions. A retiring employee is a reason to celebrate in an industry that has always prided itself on the fulfilling, stable, and long-lasting careers it offers and the care it takes of its workers. But retirement is […]

Coronavirus and its Impact on Global Energy

First reports of the coronavirus came to light in December 2019 and to date over 2000 deaths have been attributed to the virus, with over 82,000 global cases being reported. The virus has had a significant impact on global health, travel and manufacturing industries, particularly impacting the profit margins of multinational companies. Bottlenecks in China […]

BWSC, MAN ES and OLIBIS Wins International Tender

February 2020 BWSC, MAN ES and OLIBIS wins international tender to expand power supply and reduce noise pollution in the Suriname capital, Paramaribo. Resulting from an international tender process Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor A/S (BWSC) has reached an agreement with OLIBIS N.V, a long-term partner in Suriname and major financial supporter to the Suriname […]