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A Decade in Energy

What a difference a decade can make! The 2010s was a profound and transformative decade in energy. Heightened concerns over climate change and an increasing urgency to act, fostered energy transformation globally, shifting power portfolios from coal to low or zero-carbon resources. The decarbonization movement has become a cultural one, with a notable shift not […]

Encouraging a Customer Service Culture

The electric utility industry is experiencing unprecedented change with significant challenges to traditional business models and as such, how utilities conduct business is evolving. Utilities can benefit significantly by considering how they can create a culture of service in the midst of these industry changes. In looking at organisations known for high levels of customer […]

Security is the New Standard

Based on the interconnectedness of information networks, electricity systems and associated infrastructure remain vulnerable to cyberattacks, with a significant potential for widespread system outages, despite best efforts. Further, the technologies driving modernisation, coupled with continuously evolving regulations, make it difficult and expensive to stay ahead of those not playing by the rules. Security steps, such […]

Embracing a Dynamic Environment

To keep pace with a dynamic industry, organisational change is more than just an option. All organisations, at one time or another, face substantive modifications to some aspect of their business, the electric industry is no exception. Employees can prepare themselves to adapt successfully to a rapidly changing environment by following a variety of tips, […]