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Event Details

The CARILEC Engineers Conference is the preeminent engineering conference for the utility industry in the Caribbean and Latin America. It has been organised to give participants significant technical training and exposure to the latest developments and innovative practices in engineering through sessions delivered by the best experts in the industry.

The Conference will be of great interest and value to all participants who want the gather valuable insights on the utility engineering industry. Register early to join your peers at the CARILEC Engineers Conference.

Date: July 23rd – 28th, 2017

Who Attends

Regional Utilities

Petroleum Dealers

Utility Executives


Industry Professionals

Vendors showcasing new methodologies and Technologies

 Your Registration Fee Includes:

- All sessions & Welcome package

-  Coffee Break & Lunch ( Monday 24th - Wednesday 26th)

- Sunday 23rd - Opening Ceremony & Reception

- Monday 24th -  Cocktail Party

- Tuesday 25th- Gala Dinner

- Wednesday 26th - Farewell Party

- Wednesday 26th- Technical Tour to Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS)

* Please note there are meetings planned for members only.


The following list of topics illustrates the scope of the conference.

Transmission and Distribution

  • The Power Grid: Present and Future Trends
  • Grid Modernization Challenges and Opportunities
  • T & D System Expansion Planning and Design: Modern Approaches
  • T&D Asset Management
  • Grid Resilience/Storm Hardening
  • Overhead & Underground T&D Engineering
  • Best Practices in Network Reconstruction after a Disaster
  • Transmission and Distribution System Automation
  • Modern solutions to mitigate electricity grid losses
  • Protecting The Grid - Cyber and Physical Security Plans
  • Re-tooling line workers for tomorrow’s electrical power grid
  • Engineering the Smart Grid – Challenges and Opportunities


  • The Digital Power Plant
  • Generation Expansion Planning in the 21st century
  • Efficiency improvements in generators
  • The Evolving Caribbean LNG Market
  • Plant Construction Issues and Supply Chain Management
  • Governor developments – Load and power factor sharing with intermittent generation sources
  • Cost/benefit analysis of a fuel conversion OR waste heat recovery project
  • Heat Rate Improvement & Optimization
  • Industry Trends / Competitive Power Generation
  • Plant Emissions Control and Retrofits

General Trending Topics

  • Modern solutions to mitigate Electricity Theft
  • Using GIS for Strategic Analysis
  • Dealing with aging infrastructure
  • Integrated Resource Planning – Caribbean Case Studies
  • The mobile/digital Utility
  • Leadership and the Engineer
  • Power Project Financing
  • Technology Innovation

Tuesday July 24th and 25th, 2017 – Speed Networking

Post  Conference Workshops- July 27th – 28th, 2017


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Sunday 23rd July 2017 to Wednesday 26th July 2017 , 8:00am to 4:30pm

Information to be updated as it becomes available.

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Sunday 23rd July 2017 to Wednesday 26th July 2017 , 8:00am to 4:30pm


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Country: Jamaica ( Montego Bay)